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Extra support for your energy level
Extra support for your balance
Extra support for your recovery
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CellCare Supplements by professionals, for professionals!

CellCare Supplements strives for the best quality of life linked to lifestyle, nutrition, exercise and optimising your body's biochemistry. 

CellCare Supplements guarantees pure, natural and bio-identical ingredients and effective formulations developed with care and expertise. CellCare Supplements has been supplying quality high-quality nutritional supplements since 2003.

CellCare's products are formulated on the basis that there is a strong interaction between brain, gut, immune system, hormones and genes, with combinations of nutrients reinforcing each other.


The CellCare range consists of a number of product lines with unique, compounded nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, herbs, amino acids, nucleotides, trace elements and other bioactive substances.



"Extra support for your energy" contains products with basic nutrients that you can use on a daily basis.

"Extra support for your balance" contains products that support you at work and while studying, for example.

"Extra support for your recovery" contains products with nutrients that contribute to your recovery.

"Extra support for the (elite) athlete" offers at a glance all CellCare Supplements that the elite athlete can safely use. These supplements are approved by the NZVT or Informed Sport. This exclusive line is available to everyone.


In the field of health, technology, nutrition and nutritional supplements, CellCare wants to be at the forefront when it comes to information and innovative nutritional supplements. Our range will therefore also continue to expand and adapt to ever-changing conditions, so you can always expect the best of the best from us.


CellCare is a member of the trade association NPN.

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