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Do you eat little or no animal products?


If so, your diet may be lacking in certain nutrients, even though you do watch what you eat.

  • Vitamin B12 occurs mainly in animal products.
  • Iron from plant-based products is absorbed less well than iron from animal products.
  • Did you know that vitamin C increase iron absorption?

Eat a foodstuff that contains vitamin C with every meal. This will help the body absorb iron from plant-based products. Or put a small spoon of Vitamin C Powder in a glass of water and drink it with your meal.


Taurine can be considered a semi-essential nutrient for young people and adults. As the body itself produces only little taurine, it is important to ingest it from food. Since taurine is mainly present in shellfish, fish, poultry and meat, vegetarians and vegans often have a reduced taurine status.


This also applies to nucleotides, such as in the supplement Nutri-tide®NT.


You can take a multi-supplement, such as Cell Essentials Powder, and specific supplements to compensate for possible nutritional deficiencies.


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