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The CellCare Essentials line

The CellCare Essentials line is our flagship product including the most complete multi in the Netherlands.

The Essentials line contains antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and probiotics, and supports important metabolic processes. There are also products in this line that contribute to organ functions such as the liver and thyroid.

An Essentials line in which we strategically combine different nutrients in one product based on scientifically substantiated mechanisms of action.


The choice of a combination product is well thought-out, well-considered and has multiple advantages; it promotes therapy compliance and increases treatment success.

All CellCare Essentials Supplements

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The benefits of CellCare Essentials

  • Scientifically supported mechanisms of action
  • Synergy of the ingredients
  • Therapy compliance
  • Ease of use
  • Increases treatment success

The human body contains some 70,000,000,000,000,000 (70 trillion) cells. All these cells need the right micronutrients, nutrients, to function. When you think about this, the need for healthy nutrition appears to be very high. The moment insufficient nutrients are available, your body has to start making choices. In doing so, the most important body systems always take priority. This eventually causes other systems to be neglected.

In practice, using single micronutrients often turns out to be less effective than combinations of them. Through synergy, that is mutual cooperation, these combinations support multiple cellular processes simultaneously. At CellCare, this is why we think in Essentials.


3 reasons to choose Essentials:

  1. Scientifically based
  2. Strategic combinations of micronutrients
  3. Optimal dosage


Our supplements are always developed from science. We now have more than 25 years of experience in translating health science into practical applications.

With the Essentials product line, we aim to support the body with as few resources as possible. To this end, we have developed strategic combinations of micronutrients. The advantage of this is that the products no longer need to be taken separately.


Through the correct dosage of micronutrients in our Essentials products, the body system to be treated can be supported in the best possible way.