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It doesn't taste all that great, but in my experience the effect is super.

CellCare provides a clear explanation and a good service.



This week I saw with admiration how you gave a webinar again, because I was shocked when I heard about your serious accident last year. It's good to hear you are doing so well. What proof for nutrition and lifestyle, including mindset, as medicine for a better life!
Brigitte Baumeister
Nutritionist and psychologist



I love CellCare's nutritional supplements. CellCare products are good for my health and I currently do not need any medication.
I see wonderful results in my clients and they are also very happy with it.
Bregtje de Boer
‘Zien met nieuwe ogen’ clinic
Psychosynthesis-EMDR-Orthomolecular therapy



I am very enthusiastic about CellCare products. You can tell they are rooted in understanding and know-how! The various supplements can, if desired, also be easily combined without having to worry about unwanted side effects. There is ample choice.


"As an experience expert & therapist, I am very happy that I can help my clients by supporting the body in recovery where necessary with the help of high-quality and balanced supplements"

Marieke Dijkgraaf-ten Bolscher
Monsana, orthomolecular medicine clinic



At Kaizen Gym we always opt for quality over quantity. As such, CellCare Supplements are the only logical choice for us.

Having offered our clients supplements of various brands, we see that CellCare helps them feel better both mentally and physically.


This in turn improves their physical performance, recovery and mental resilience.

Given the extensive range and the highest quality ingredients, we always have a suitable solution to offer our clients.


Mike van Beek
Personal Coach
Kaizen Gym